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Pegasing CM Natural

Coffee Details
Altitude: 1850 masl (meters above sea level)
Origin: Pantan Musara, Pegasing, Central Aceh, North Sumatra
Taste Profile: Strawberry Yoghurt, Milk Chocolate, Mangosteen 

Cupping Score: 86.5
Processor: Hendra Maulizar
Roast Level: Medium
Acidity: 4/5 
Weight: 200g


This coffee is sourced directly from Hendra Maulizar, the  pioneer in Indonesian specialty coffee processing. His coffee has swept awards in recent coffee championships and was used in Brewers Championships as well as Barista Championships.


This coffee was processed using a wine making technique called carbonic maceration, where the coffee cherries are put in a tank, sealed and pumped with CO2 to expel the oxygen inside the tank. This allows for a slow and delicate fermentation and creates a coffee that's bombing with fruity flavors.


This coffee is roasted light to medium to make sure you can taste all of the amazing flavors inside the coffee. If you're used to specialty coffee and enjoy the tanginess you get from certain coffee, then you must give this a try. However, if you're new to coffee, it might surprise you a little.


The coffee is roasted after the order is received, so you can enjoy fresh coffee for a longer time!

Pegasing CM Natural

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