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Aceh Gayo Single Origin (Burni Telong)

Coffee Details
Altitude: 1400~1600 masl (meters above sea level)
Origin: Burni Telong, Central Aceh, North Sumatra
Taste Profile: Dark Chocolate, Orange, Plum
Cupping Score: 84.5
Processor: Mahdi Usati
Roast Level: Medium Dark
Acidity: 2/5 
Weight: 200g


This coffee is sourced directly from Central Aceh in North Sumatra and is collected from organic farms located in a mountain called Burni Telong (translation: Fire Mountain).

The coffee is roasted Medium-Dark to accentuate the chocolate, while suppressing the acidity which most people tend to dislike. However, you will discover that the taste gets better as the coffee cools, bringing out the orange and plum flavors, which is a characteristic of high quality coffee
The coffee is roasted after the order is received, so you can enjoy fresh coffee for a longer time!

Aceh Gayo Single Origin

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