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kopi kedaya
goodel indonesia

Traceable Specialty Coffee from Indonesia


Kopi Kedaya brings coffee farmers, processors, and buyers closer together to create high-quality, traceable coffee in a transparent system that ensures fair compensation for everyone in the supply chain.


Founded in 2016, we work with processors who have strong relationships with farmers and are passionate about improving Indonesian coffee quality and the impact it has on producing communities.


To produce high-quality coffee, we ensure that all coffee is processed, stored, and packed for export in the highlands. We help our producing partners improve coffee quality and establish facilities and systems to process coffee for export, creating employment opportunities in coffee-producing communities and ensuring that as much of the value of their coffee remains with them.


Our work begins with strong relationships, which is why we work completely transparently with both producers and buyers, helping both sides to understand the realities of the market. Our most advanced producer relationships include profit sharing and supply chain reinvestments from profits, ensuring a shared sense of purpose from farm to port.


If you share this vision and are interested in some great tasting coffee from Indonesia, please contact us so we can share more.



Sidikalang Poda

Located just northwest of Lake Toba in North Sumatra province, Poda Agro is a social enterprise led by Samuel Sihombing. Formerly a pastor in the local church, Samuel now sources coffee through community savings cooperative networks he helped set up and processes it to produce high quality wet hulled coffee.

Poda Samuel.jpeg

Aceh Gayo Pegasing
Avatara Gayo
Gegaring Team

Led by Hendra Maulizar, the Gegaring Team produces some of the highest quality, most sought after microlots in all of Indonesia. They produce fully washed, honey, and natural coffees in the mountains of Gayo alongside an ever-changing selection of experimental processes, fusing innovations in fermentation and drying with Sumatra's unique varieties.

2019-02-12 14.08.46-2.jpg

Aceh Gayo

Burni Telong

Towering over the Gayo highlands, the volcano Burni Telong has helped enrich the soil around it, producing some of the most highly-regarded wet-hulled coffee in the world. Mahdi Usati, a coffee quality expert who was born and raised in the volcano's shadow, works with a tight network of farmers and collectors who diligently follow his processing protocols to ensure a steady supply of clean, consistent, and traceable coffee that exemplifies the region's unique profile.



Most Flores coffee is poorly handled and ends up blended with Sumatran coffee for export, but a new generation of traders and small processors are working to improve quality, establish a distinct identity for Flores coffee, and keep more of the coffee's value in the island. Goodel works directly with a variety of these actors to access financing and aggregate small lots to help them reach international markets.

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